13 of the best Facebook fans ever

In the spirit of exploiting the three principles of uber-link bait titles mentioned over on sciencetext, I wanted to express my thanks to a few people who are fans, or “likers”, of the Sciencebase Facebook page. These diamond people have all been particularly active recently on the fan page, liking, commenting, debating on wall posts. I hope I’ve caught the most active of you, if not let me know.

So, in no particular order:

Jones Murphy – Caltech
Hamada Shingo – STFC
Jacob Cox – Green Science Research Foundation
Robert Slinn – University of Liverpool
Eur van Andel – Fiwihex
Alan Crooks – Visiting chemistry lecturer in the UK
Arpit Dave – Gujarat University
Lisa Shaw – Maine librarian
Paul Shin – CSU Northridge
Jacqueline Limpens – Medical librarian
Chris King – Lodi, California
Linda Wilton – Oxoid, Thermofisher scientific
Richard Grant – f1000

If any of those links don’t seem to work, you will probably need to be logged into Facebook. Meanwhile, if you’ve been a fan for a while and haven’t commented, then why not have a go? HINT: List #2 coming soon…

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