The app only you use

I asked my twitter and facebook friends what phone app they used that they thought none of their friends would be using. There were some interesting answers. My app, Merlin (a tool for identifying bird species from a photo)

These are the twitter folks in the order they tweeted:

James on G – Speed Cam Alert
Debayan S – Notion (notes)
Gary MacF and VFD – Twitter (!)
Martin F – iGeology (rock ID)
Russ Swan – iGeology
Steve T – LunaSolCal (Moon and Sun)
Laura F – Horse Vet Guide
Antony W – C;Geo (geocaching)
Russell K – Startracker (astro)
Nevena H – Skymap (astro)
Walter van den B – Michelin app (mapping)
Joseph V – A periodic table (chemistry)
David B – View Source (web source viewer)

And the Facebook crowd:

Kerry O’C – The Anfield Wrap! (footie podcast)
Nick H – MySpace (yeah, right!)
Helen G – What3Words
Lee Smith – What3Words
Jimmy Hickford – What3Words
Keyth Rooney – What3Words
Mike L – Honeywell Home (domestic controller)
Annette S – FODMAP (specialist diet)
Julia I – Lectio 365 (Bible resource)
Mark H – APRS Droid (ham radio)
Nathalie M – Auchan Drive (French map)
M A S – Weather Kitty (cats)
Mike B – World Radios
Jill B – Lime (London bike hire)
Lee S – StarChart (astro)
Hugh T – iRealPro (music book and backing tracks)
Stephen R – Solaredge (solar panel control/data)
Bill F – My Little Pony (Yeah, right!)
Andrea T – Stitcher (podcasts)
Mona A – Capitals of the World
Joanna M – CloudSpotter
Trevor H – Next Metro (Tyne & Wear transport system)
Calvin M – Spectroid audio spectrum analyser
Zoe S – Osper (mobile banking)
Pat Pérez – HiFutureSelf (personal reminders)
Janny Van A – Sounds (English language tutor)

There is definite overlap of some and definitely some there that I imagine lots of people have, but there are one or two that are probably quite rarely used outside specific scientific, tech, and other niches…

I have used versions of several that people cite (astro, trees, maps, what3words, web and security tools) but perhaps the one that I think the least number of people will have is Martin F’s “iGeology”. Anyone?

The latecomers:

Tim H-W – Munsell Colour Chart
Denise S-M – Zedge (ringtones and wallpaper)
James B – Foobar (audio player)
Philip W – Celonis (AI for business)
John D – Authy (two-factor authentication)
Cath D – Soundcorset (tuner, metronome, sheet music)
Clive F – Nautide (tide tables etc)
Jenny S – FaceApp (portrait photo editor)
Richard G – (offline maps)