The Darwin Lost Weekend

A man tries to convince his friend that Charles Darwin conceived his book ‘Origin of Species’ on the concept of evolution in the town of Cromer, Norfolk, England and not in the Galapagos Islands. This video was premiered at the first Science Online conference back in 2009 but has only just this last week reached the virtual hallowed halls of Youtube. Thanks to Graham Steel for the alert. I knew I’d seen it somewhere before…

Meanwhile, for fans of the North Norfolk Coast, here’s a little poem wot I wrote about the village of Stiffkey.

Ever been taken up the North Norfolk Coast?

There’s a place on the coast name of Stiffkey
Which surprisingly yet rhymes with hookie
Now in near disgrace a priest of said place,
spent his time up The Smoke after nookie

This priest, must be said, was the rector
And claimed souls he would save as a lector
A girl of SoHo, took him ever so low,
Defrocked she would be, he’d inspect her

The village was shocked but kept quiet
’bout those happenings, they’d cause a riot
in the street and the lane where the people are plain
But the papers they scooped that old the story quite righ-ut

A court case was held, “Immoral!” they yelled and the rector was morally shaken
thrown out of the church but escaping the birch
he frowned as reached Stiffkey quakin’

But those stuffky old folks on the North Norfolk coast,
will never admit to his truancy
They claim that it’s right, he did fight the good fight,
and it’s Stiff-Key not Stookie if you’ve fluency

Incidentally, the Rev Dr Ezekiel Gee (played by Henry Gee aka CromerCrox) is not the Rector of my poem.

Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.