The Element in the Room

Festival of the Spoken Nerd’s Helen Arney and Steve Mould have a puntastic pop science book out now. All the science stuff staring you in the face.

From their website:

The Element In The Room takes you on a rib-tickling, experiment-fuelled and irreverent adventure to explain the elements of science that other books ignore, with plenty of DIY demos that you can try at home. Order yours online using the links above – or buy it at one of our live shows and get it signed in person!

And on 14th November 2017, it’s just 99p on Amazon UK/Amazon US (Kindle version). Of course you don’t need an actual Kindle to read that version, there’s a Kindle app for almost every phone, tablet, phablet, laptop, PC, Mac, and presumably even a Smart TV! By the way, you can’t polish a nerd…but you could roll them in edible glitter…let’s not.

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