The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth

The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth – If you’re looking for a gripping summer read, check out my friend Stu Clark’s latest book: The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth. It’s part 1 of an intriguing trilogy concept that tells the tale of how God-driven scientists, such as Kepler and Galileo (yes, they were), unravelled the heavens while the Jesuits tried to retain world order by keeping the Earth biblically still.

German Lutheran Johannes Kepler is convinced that he has been given a vision by God when he becomes the first man to distill into mathematical laws how stars and planets move through the heavens. Galileo Galilei, an Italian Catholic, will try to claim Kepler’s success for his own Church, but he finds himself enmeshed in a web of intrigue originating from within the Vatican itself. Both men become trapped by human ignorance and irrational terror to the peril of their lives and those of their families…

Makes The Da Vinci Code look like a load of boring, old codswallop. This is real-life historical science in fiction.

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