The Spicy Disciplinarian

turmeric-spicesFour more fascinating research discoveries feature in my column on SpectroscopyNOW this week, covering research into the medicinal effects of curry powder, cyst analysis, why nicotine does not kill instantly, and bristling nano balls.

The spicy disciplinarian – Solid state NMR has been used to explain why curcumin, one of the physiologically active components of the yellow spice turmeric has wound healing and other medicinal properties.

Atomic cyst assistance – Researchers in Turkey are using atomic absorption spectroscopy to analyse the levels metal ions and phosphorus in samples of fluid from breast cyst. They have observed a marked difference between the ratios of ions in the two main types of cyst one of which is more closely associated with the development of breast cancer.

Nicotine’s smoking gun – Years of structural work and wider studies have finally culminated in an explanation for nicotine’s overwhelming affinity for brain receptors and the addictive molecule’s almost total disregard for the nicotine receptors found in muscle tissues.

Bristling nano balls – A mathematical analysis of inorganic nanoparticles explains why they form complex structures with a layer of hydrophilic polymer chains.

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