The truth about lying and NLP

As a follow up to that item on eye movements and lying, here’s a quote from the Skeptics’ Dictionary about Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP:

“It seems that NLP develops models which can’t be verified, from which it develops techniques which may have nothing to do with either the models or the sources of the models. NLP makes claims about thinking and perception which do not seem to be supported by neuroscience.”

“NLP itself proclaims that it is pragmatic in its approach: what matters is whether it works. However, how do you measure the claim “NLP works”?…Anecdotes and testimonials seem to be the main measuring devices. Unfortunately, such a measurement may reveal only how well the trainers teach their clients to persuade others to enrol in more training sessions.”

Norcross, J.C., Koocher, G.P. & Garofalo, A. (2006). Discredited psychological treatments and tests: A Delphi poll., Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 37 (5) 522. DOI: 10.1037/0735-7028.37.5.515

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