Thorpeness to Aldeburgh

It’s been a few years since we’ve ventured into our old haunts of Thorpeness and Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast; places we visited family fairly frequently for the best part of two decades. Anyway, yoga and wildlife walking trip, with a wonderful group of people, activities led by Denise and Kevin, respectively. I got a few snaps here and there.

Thorpeness Windmill
Thorpeness Windmill
Windmill fantail
Windmill fantail
Windmill pigeon
Windmill pigeon

First Chiffchaff sighting of the year, Thorpeness, 7th March 2020
Thorpeness village sign
Garden umpire
Peter Pan’s Crocodile with attendant Carrion Crow
Piglet on the wind
Thorpeness golfer
Broken symmetry
Lichen on fallen trunk in the alder carr
Garden muntjac, Thorpeness
Keeping a log
Little Egret, RSPB North Warren
Grey Heron, RSPB North Warren
Aldeburgh Crag Path from Thorpeness
New Moot Hall sign
Herring Gulls just wanna have fun
Black-headed Gull, almost ready for Spring
Wheel of Steel Selfie, Aldeburgh
Snooks, Aldeburgh
Curlew River, St Peter and St Paul’s, Aldeburgh
Cross, St P & St P’s
Weathervane, Aldeburgh
Copper house, Thorpeness
Dung beetle
Of gorse
Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Cymbalaria muralis, growing in brickwork around a rusty wall-tie on the boundary of the Ogilvie Estate, Sizewell, Suffolk
Climbing to the refurbished Sizewell Hall gazebo.
Gazebo dome closeup, Sizewell Hall
One my numberous Minsmere Marsh Harriers quartering and display, also several over reedbed at Thorpeness
Great Crested Grebe with fishy prey at RSPB Minsmere
One of two well-hidden Snipe at RSPB Minsmere, almost impossible to see with the naked eye from the hide

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