Tideline – A song

Struggling with the positive vibes, to be honest, but if 2020 gave me my Lockdown LP, a bunch of songs written and recorded from February onwards about how awful stuff has been, then my After the Lockdown LP is to be the flipside of the angst and anxiety, hence this latest song added to the roster – Tideline (current version available for free on Bandcamp, one of six songs so far on this LP).

Think: ebb and flow of time and tides, circle of life, the full moon, the new moon, dusk and dawn. Events and happenstance, the mark left on the shore by the high tide swept away by a bigger storm surge, then relaid as the tide turns again, the waves being mindful of their place in the world, creatures imagining a world beyond the brine. The seaspray reaching way beyond the tideline.


As daylight settles like a distant retreat
You pull on emotional chains
The shingle rolls under your aching feet

The hopes you had are dashed against those distant rocky shores
Stagger to see the pain The tide turns with barely a pause

If the water looks cold
It’s only a tale that’s told
The waves imagine a world beyond the brine

If your dreams aren’t so bold
It’s not because you’re old
The seaspray chases way above the tideline

Breakers from the storm
Broken at the full moon at the time that you were born

The memory of the norm
Reminder of a new moon before the dawn

As morning wakes, the darkness slips away
Failure all forgotten now the light is holding sway

A million more regrets on the tide washed away
The secrets we forget, there’s nothing more to say

Reminder of a new moon before the dawn
Reminder of a new moon before the dawn
Reminder of a new moon before the dawn


I often think the best bit of some of my songs is the vocals in the outro, so as a special treat, here’s the final few bars with everything but my vocal harmonies muted, just in case anyone’s got this far and would like to hear that snippet.