Tik Tok, TikTok, what you waitin’, what you waitin’ for?

My friend Dr Lucy Rogers tweeted something she’d posted on Tik Tok, a short clip of an English oak in its autumnal finery. Very nice I thought…

…more fool me. Ten minutes later I had re-registered on Tik Tok and was scrolling through vids like a man possessed. If Youtube was the previous tech generation’s cocaine, then Tik Tok is basically crack. If it’s not crack cocaine to Youtube’s cocaine, then it’s definitely its crystal to Vimeo’s meth, or perhaps it’s just “tirami” to Vine’s “su”.

Needless to say I have now posted a few snippets to test the water, got a few likes already and a tiny clutch of followers including Dr Lucy Rogers.

So far, I’ve posted a Fieldfare feeding in our garden during the Beast from the East weather period, a folk band in a Greek Taverna, the rotating propellers of an aeroplane on which we flew in September, one of us driving over the Tyne Bridge, and am just about to put up a video of our dog running in the snow. Exciting stuff, huh? What a time to be alive! Oh, yes, I’m @sciencebase as you’d probably expect.

UPDATE: Lucy highlighted a couple of other TikTokers in our realm: RuthAmos and RobIves. I will add to the list as new STEM people turn up.

Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.