Today, the Brexshit hits the fan

Here’s how the Brexit vote last June actually went, simplified for those who don’t like experts explaining stuff (numbers rounded to the nearest millions of people):

51m people had the chance to vote, just 34m of them did. 17m of those voters said they wanted to leave the EU, 16m said they wanted to stay.

So, is Brexit the will of the people, does the government have a clear mandate to deliver that Article 50 letter today, was it really a good enough reason to ruin 40(60) years of collaboration (in science, arts, trade and so much more) and cost us tens of billions of pounds? What do they do if Juncker is out when they try to deliver the letter, will they leave it with a neighbour?

Shouldn’t we have had more facts and less fake news?

Probably too late now, the sun set on the British Empire decades ago, but the EU gave us the opportunity to mean something, we were part of a team, a strong team, a growing team, with a wide range of players with great skills.

Now, we’re like the little kid storming off in a huff after missing an open goal and taking his ball home with him. We’re dragging our closest friends away with us too, but they’ll soon ditch us go back to the game leaving us crying in our bedroom.

And, of course, the players we leave behind have their own ball, and it’s one of those really cool fluorescent ones that bends in the air and gets them goal after goal, not a soaking wet, lumpen, leather caser like the one we carried home.

Yesterday, the NHS promised to cut lots of prescription medications and treatments to save itself 128 million pounds A YEAR. I’ll say that again 128 million pounds a year! Boris Fecking-Johnson lied on the side of a bus during the referendum campaign that pulling out of the EU would free up 350 million pounds A WEEK for the NHS. Will the NHS ever see that, of course, not they already reneged on that “promise” last June.

My emoji diagram above repurposed, I’m no fan and somebody needs to hit that sh*t…so hard.

They called us remoaners and told us to ignore the experts…the brexshits. Oh, and by the way, if one more brexshit tells me they’re not a racist and that it wasn’t about immigration, but sovereignity or some other spurious nonsense, I will take that fan and shove it where the sun will never shine again. It doesn’t matter why you voted to leave, you sided with those people…and they won…

Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.