Twitter Top 10 of science by The Independent

1. Brian Cox
2. Ben Goldacre
3. Richard Dawkins
4. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
5. bob投注平台
6. Robin Ince
7=. Andy Lewis
7=. Mo Costandi
9. Roger Highfield
10. Tim Berners-Lee

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via The Twitter 100: Top 10 science – News – People – The Independent. Nice to have beaten Robin Ince, maybe he’ll respond to my tweets now! I made it to joint #73 in the Top 100 “Titans of the Twittersphere” overall, sandwiched between journalist India Knight and politician Louise Mensch and sharing the slot with those two and journalist and entrepeneur Alberto Nardelli. I always thought it was Blogosphere and Twitterhood.

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