Three touches of science

  • Backstage Science – Find out what's going on backstage at some of the biggest science labs.  – Videos for the Science and Technology Facilities Council by Brady Haran.
  • The Alchemist Newsletter: February 25, 2011 – Van Gogh was apparently no chemical genius, The Alchemist learns this week, but modern-day chemical geniuses have turned their attention once more to that most infamous of natural products, strychnine. In materials and physical chemistry control of electron fluids seems possible and could open up a whole new area of interfaces, while in pharmaceutical news a Tropical seaweed might yield the next antimalarial. Organic chemists have a new tool in the form of a Wolfram-Alpha widget that could speed up form filling and the Wolf Foundation is set to dole out prizes to three chemists for their highly creative work.
  • The Hidden Cancer Cure – "They" haven't cured cancer. Cancer is not one thing. It is not a single disease. "They" are not hiding the "cure" to sustain the research dollars and the pharma sales. Who could this "they" possibly be anyway? There is no conspiracy, there very rarely is…

Just two science news items from bob投注平台 Science Writer @sciencebase and a video gallery link. SpectroscopyNOW update to follow!

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