Use a bulldog to put your cat into standby mode

Cat lovers everywhere might baulk at this veterinarian’s approach to putting cats in “standby” mode, but it’s not painful and simply hooks into the reflex that makes kittens go entirely limp when they are grabbed by the she cat by the scruff of their neck. It’s probably not advisable to do this to your own cat. It’s really for the cat’s safety and teh safety of the vet while it undergoes treatment.

There is some debate as to whether that is indeed a reflex or whether it’s a conditioned response. I suspect it’s far too important that a kitten submits to its mother’s lifting it up in this way for it to be conditioned, it’s an innate reflex, I think. Feel free to argue that point, but in the meantime watch the kitteh being put into standby. Incidentally, it’s not “a plier”, it would be a “pair of pliers”, but this isn’t either, it’s a bulldog clip, ironically enough.

Thanks to Jack Schofield for alerting me to this vid. A still from this clip is ripe for LOL cats…

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