Watery calendar girls draw chemical structures

A few more science stories that caught my eye this week

  • FieldView – Cresset Group – Free download release of FieldView, a new molecular viewer/editor that is designed to show molecules with their associated field patterns and physicochemical properties.
  • Watery no-man’s land – Physical chemists know water to exist in 15 distinct phases, now research by Valeria Molinero and co-workers, University of Utah, USA, shows that at 180 K ice and liquid can coexist after water crystallizes.
  • The Living Matrix: a movie promoting energy medicine beliefs – Classic bit of BS shredding. Apparently, "The heart is a functional brain. It may be the master organ for imprinting information into the holographic body field." Yeah, right
  • Two suns – Will Aderoid approach the earth to within a few dozen million miles? Of course not…
  • Over exposed calendar girl – X-rayed and X-rated, hot pin-up calendar girl is a serious case of over exposure. Eizo's calendar leaves no body part covered…
  • Novel air-conditioner cuts cost and carbon – By eradicating the mechanics common in today's air-conditioning units, the NREL believes we could cut summertime electricity bills significantly on those parts of the world where A/C is considered an essential luxury. 90% savings suggestedq

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