Wear sunscreen

Remember that speech that led to that Baz Luhrmann hit, “Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen”? It was good advice and still is. Here, my friend Kat Arney, blogger, broadcaster, cancer expert and harpist, explains the ins and outs of sun protection. It perhaps should also be mentioned that you can burn on cloudy summer days, especially if it’s windy and you’re near water, because UV is reflected by choppy water. “Wind burn” and the “weathered”, or “rosy cheek” look are actually just sunburn.

In terms of sunscreen choice, cheap is fine but make sure you use factor 15 minimum for UVB protection and at least four-star UVA protection, otherwise it’s not going to be effective. Olive oil is not a good sunscreen despite what the locals on the Med might tell pale and spotty Brits…

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