We’ve observed a new particle #Higgs

We had the leaked CERN Higgs video yesterday, thanks to Kate Travis who unearthed it first, I do believe, well ahead of the rest of the media. It was playable for a while, then CERN cut it off. I hadn’t been quick enough to save the movie file from their server and couldn’t resurrect it from my cache. However, MSNBC had grabbed the file:

CERN claims that this is just one of several videos it made (really?). You know what I think, they swung themselves a curve, it’s 4th July, the Aussie conference starts tomorrow, they wanted to get ahead of the press and create an even bigger buzz. My hunch is that they haven’t got Higgs just yet, not the God Particle, but something like it, the Demi-god particle, perhaps…

They’re recalibrating right now and will have better data by the time they “publish” at the end of July 2012.

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