What does your brain think about your mind?

Interesting piece in Psychology Today about the difference between the mind and the brain in which the brain is likened to a factory and the mind the company board in order to discuss behaviour in terms of dopamine, monetary gain and the congratulatory corporate memo.


“The brain is most often associated with the mind, but they are not the same. The brain is part of the body. The mind is part of the transcendent world of wisdom and thought. Although the brain is the organ most associated with consciousness, the brain does not completely contain the mind. The mind’s intelligence permeates every human cell, extending into the environment and carrying with it the wisdom of the ancients, social journey and kinship.”

“The brain is about getting the dopamine, and because it does not have the panoramic vision of the mind, it makes mistakes like eating compulsively, doing narcotics, getting sucked into an Internet pornado, hatred, violence and other self destructive scenarios. Without consulting the mind, the brain cannot understand that you can never get enough of something that is almost satisfying.”

Your Mind Does Not Care What Your Brain Thinks.

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