What is fipronil and why is it in our eggs?

Fipronil – broad-spectrum insecticide, one of a group of compounds known as phenylpyrazoles. Andy Brunning over on Compound Interest cracks open the story…

To quote Compound Interest:

It appears that Fipronil was mixed in with a red mite treatment, Dega-16, in order to enhance its effectiveness. Red mites are common pests on  poultry farms. Fipronil is not authorised to be used around or on food-producing animals. How the Dega-16 product became contaminated is unclear and a criminal investigation is underway.

He adds that:

The amounts present in the contaminated eggs are much lower, and at these levels it is unlikely to be a risk to public health.

More to the point:

Affected products have already been withdrawn from sale

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