Wild Fen Edge

As many regular visitors to the site will know periodically I poster “hyper local” information about wildlife on our patch, it’s mainly birds. This is often connected to the nature column I write for our village newsletter.

There has been, for many years, a mailing list associated with that column, which I took over from local birder Jasper Kay a few years back. The ad hoc mailing list has now morphed into the Wild Fen Edge Google Group. It’s a private group, you’re on our patch and wish to join, please drop me a line and I’ll add you.

One member of the group, Ian, has created a map of 24 very local spots where you might see any of dozens of bird species and other wildlife. There are various colloquial names for some of these places, but he’s used the official map name and pinned it to the map, so references to those places in our discussions can be standardised. A complete “tick” list for the patch will be forthcoming soon.

You can email a request to join the Group to WildFenEdge @GoogleGroups.com. There are no obligations to post or share sightings if you join, only obligation is to be civil in any correspondence and to not reveal precise locations of any listed or endangered species.