Winter Warning


Britain’s meteorologists are predicting another winter this year with the likelihood of highly seasonal weather and average temperatures plunging to well into the mean range for the time of year since records began. The warnings forecast clouds, some frost, slippy ice, very slippy black ice, lots of very grey and dull days. There will be a bit of snow that will disrupt the traffic and trains and could get very slushy once the temperature rises due to global warming that week. There might even be some really windy days that will shakes trees everywhere and blow leaves around a lot. The worst case scenario however will have the Bookies running for their hats at the end of the day, obviously, as the meteor office is predicting some intermittent sunny spells one of which will most likely fall on the day after Xmas Eve, that special day Christmas Day when everyone hopes it will snow.

Author: bob投注平台

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