Word confusle

Many years ago, the ceiling lights failed in our kitchen. They were relatively new devices, installed when we had the kitchen updated from the tatty 1970s awfulness we moved to in the late 1990s. Anyway, I phoned the kitchen company and mistakenly said the word “bathroom” when I meant to say “kitchen” in referring to the lights and requesting that they remedy the problem. It took a bit of explaining and I still don’t know why my brain did that.

It still happens occasionally in conversation, I’ll interchange kitchen and bathroom. I’ve noticed I’ve done it with the words shed and garage too…and this morning…just now…panier and hamper.

Is this a brain glitch that comes with middle age? The pairs of words I inadvertently switch are in the same clades. Kitchens and bathrooms are functional/utility rooms, after all. Sheds and garages are external storage buildings. Paniers and hampers are portable basket-type containers. I’m sure there have been other examples over the last ten years or so.

Anyone else? Just me?