Working 9 to 5? Not me

There’s often an implication in social media comments on some of my updates that somehow my work ethic must be deficient because I don’t, apparently, adhere to the early starts, late finishes, working weekends, and checking in at the office even when on holiday, that some workers are inclined to do. Why should I? I’m self employed, I have parallel contracts (multiple bosses), but either work piecemeal or as work-for-hire, so that I can do the requisite work in my own time and pace and be paid the same, usually per job or per word. What could be better?

There are, of course, people who get more done and have a greater creative output than those tied to the notion that a strong work ethic requires you to be stuck behind a desk 9-5 or 8-6+. I work hard, on lots of different things in parallel. Not having a 9-5 with extras suits people with ADHD* much better too, you can chop around between multiple projects, write a feature article, work on a news story…or four, interview a scientist, review a book, photograph a music festival, do some birdwatching and then write about the birds you see for local newsletter, trap and photograph and blog about moths as part of a citizen science effort, write a song or two a month, record a cover song do the remixing, record and produce another musician’s album…etc et cetera…

See, even now, I am processing photos from Strawberry Fair and updating the festival’s Facebook, getting ready to photograph this morning’s haul of moths including two Burnished Brass (which I wrote about from a biomimetic materials science perspective for a magazine last year) and a Poplar Hawk-moth, and also writing this riposte to a recent (playful, but nevertheless) sarcastic comment about how little work I apparently do…it’s Sunday by the way, traditionally a day of rest.

*I did the test and am not even borderline, apparently fully fledged.

Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.