Worzel Gummidge – Cottenham Theatre

We’re coming to the end of rehearsals right now, two more, then it’s show time. It’s really grown on me from my privileged position deep in the bowels of the orchestra pit from where I got some snaps of the cast in their costumes. Taking photos with a Canon 6D SLR and a Canon 24-105mm L lens. No flash (obvs). Low light and the fact that I am officially supposed to be playing guitar in the band rather than bouncing about taking photos makes it quite a task. Still, I get a few closeups and odd angles that the tech guys at the back of the hall running light and sound don’t get from their vantage point. Been doing this since 2013, with one year off when we didn’t have a pit band.

This week: Wednesday (28th Dec) to Saturday (1st Dec) evenings and a matinee on Saturday. Tickets here

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