Yesterday’s future tomorrow

In a thousand years’ time, our apps and smartphones,
our status updates and our tweets,
Our hybrid EVs, solar panels, windfarms,
all of our digital neats
Will seem so quaint, and misguided,
so twee and lopsided
They’ll talk of yet more Dark Ages repeats

Just think of our medical scans,
dental whitening, e-cigs and implants
Think of 1D gigs, get-rich-quick scams
And the sickening failure of healthcare plans

But, the world will still be an awful mess;
there will be floods and famine, I confess
There will be less water more disease,
Those with too much, and those with much less

There will be drug addiction and babies will cry,
The moon will wax and wane
It will be too hot and too cold, too wet and too dry
Winds will change, but we’ll stay the same

We will eat and we’ll drink, we will fornicate and frolic
We will ponder and think
and try to explain life with symbols symbolic
We will find it hard to imagine our past
or what the future really might bring
So, the best and the only thing we can do at last,
is live life to the full and let our hearts sing


Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.