Yoga. Just a good way to stretch?

The New York Times has previously obsessed about yoga, but recently it has promoted a book by one of its science writers William J. Broad entitled “The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards” by entitling his promo article on the subject as: “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.”

Obviously, a wee bit of bias from the sub-editor or headline writer there, given that Broad’s book offers both pros and cons, but the article and its headline suggest only cons.

Next week: “How Running Can Wreck Your Knees,” or “How Tennis Can Wreck Your Elbow,” or “How Moving A Refrigerator Can Crush Your Toes, Break Your Back, and Rip Your Rotator Cuff.”

Yoga, as we know it in the West, has benefits, but it’s basically a posh way to stretch and lie down without sleeping. As with any form of exercise there are risks and benefits. You can find out more about the NYT’s double-edged yogic bias from Paul Raeburn in his latest column on the Knight Science Journalism Tracker from whence the refrigerator title came.

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