You are not full of *%$!

You are not full of *%$! – I remember reading probably, 25 years ago, an article in the “health” section of a magazine that claimed we’re all getting ill because of the impacted fecal matter in our colons. 10 kilos of the stuff, clogging us up, making us sick, causing joint pain and dulling the mind…gettting rid of it through detox and/or colonic irrigation will make you well. It’s all nonsense, of course, as any colon surgeon will tell you.

The bottom line is that in medicine, “detoxification” has a specific meaning, and alt-med “detox” believers have appropriated the term for something that has little or nothing to do with its real medical meaning. Alt-med detox has more to do with exorcism and bad humors than real medicine. Squirting warm water up your backside is not going to detoxify your system and will only make you feel better if you enjoy the actual process.

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